Monday, November 23, 2009


What are you thankful for?
I am thankful for my family. The quirks, the craziness, the very fact that no matter what or where or anything they are and always will be my family.
I am so thankful for Rick. What a guy. I am loved, spoiled and taken care of.
I am thankful for a daughter and son-in-law and my darling little grand babies.
Oh, I can't forget the little dog or Rick's cat.
Of course there are many more things, especially the things that most of us take for granted to those things that some may not think of. For me it is sometimes not easy to be thankful for my AFO, yet it helps me to be able to walk and not trip over my foot. I wish I didn't have it, yet I'm grateful that I do.
I actually was able to feel thankful for the talent of being able to play the piano and organ yesterday. I was very grateful for being able to play.
What about you?


Lark said...

I am very thankful for my family. My husband, children, my parents, sisters, brothers, my aunts and uncles. My family has always been there for me and helped me become the person I am today.
The other thing I am very grateful for is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stacey said...

I am thankful for the wisdom and comapassion of God. I am certain I would get myself into all sorts of trouble with my own thoughts and plans. still he loves me and leads me through my crazy life. :) it is Good to keep in touch with family too, sure love you all, Merry Chirstmas.