Thursday, November 5, 2009


Fall is in the air, with a hint of the coming winter.
We have leaves falling in our yard. The big spiders have disappeared, so far not into the house. Ralphie (the little dog) and Precious (the white cat) are getting along a little better, they are sisters now and should be more tolerant of each other. Precious is spending more time inside. She comes into the room where we are and plays. Sometimes Ralphie even tries to chase her now.
Poprock still has green toes, he says they stay until the Ducks lose. Go Ducks!
There are thoughts of the holidays. Ideas for presents.
I love this time of year. It's a good time to remember the past and cherish it. To dream about what the future holds and make plans. A good time to make the most of each day and live.
We went to Aunt Erma's Celebration of Life this week. There were a few bitter/sweet moments while looking at the photos and seeing several of her and dad together.


Purplepickle said...

It was bitter sweet. But what I loved the most, they looked happy and they were happy, it is nice to see happy on their faces. They lived long full lives.

Lark said...

I love the green "Duck" toes. It's very sweet that he let Alyssa paint his toes. :)
I hope the Duck's continue to do well. Love's to you and we shall see you in December.