Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good News, buttons, yodeling, bad news, and missing Dad!

First the good news....I found my buttons!

I am so excited that I found them. I have hunted and just about given up. Alright I'll back up and explain. I really love "Mary Jane's Farm" magazine. I even joined the farm girl sisterhood. The basic principle behind it is common sense. As part of my goal to simplify this year I have realized how much "stuff" I have and this fits right in. I feel like it has given me permission to be me, the best me.

Please, don't ask Rick how many boxes with craft stuff we opened this weekend.

I am learning to use what I have. To also reuse or re-purpose what I have. Remember the wedding dress from earlier. In the next few days I will have a project complete that is from items I have created.

Oh sorry, back to farm girl. Well one of the things you can do is earn merit badges by doing or learning different things. Yes, that is where my buttons come in, there is a merit badge for a button collection and learning about buttons.

Last Sunday was such a great day. We had guests. Family!

I love my family. Vickie and I got to singing songs from road trips.

We yodeled. No, I will not yodel for you, sorry.

Mom laughed and said she couldn't remember how to yodel. On Monday when we picked up the little dog, she told us she had spent all day trying to get the dog to yodel.

Poor little dog.

Bad news, I lost my buttons again. I put them back in the same box I found them in and dear Rick restacked the boxes!

Just for you "Lark" pictures.

Every once in awhile I miss him!

I believe that he knew how to handle his reins.