Friday, April 15, 2011


I love modern technology. I really love to be on the computer when it suddenly reboots itself and then comes up with a great message like "39% of hard drive missing", what? So suddenly you find yourself becoming a rocket surgeon and trying to remember everything you have ever known about a computer...wait....I program in COBOL...where are my key punch cards and where should I stick them (ha ha). Oh, restart computer, follow the prompts, try the fixes, here's a good one, buy this to fix that problem, oh screen of death....what the hard drive is now missing...? Breath deep the fragrance of new electronics, (is that smell carcinogenic?) who cares! New tower, that goes zippy fast, better video and graphics card, which makes large flat screen monitor look even better, what is this some new software (can't wait to start playing with Photoshop), two new games (have already mastered one) and a totally smoking deal on a new printer that prints amazing photos. Oh yes one happy girl. Don't tell Poprock, cause she's even more excited about this then him.

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Teresa said...

Glad you found the silver lining to that problem! :)