Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend 2 with the Grandkids.

Poprock and I are so fortunate to be able to help and babysit the grandkids while their mommy is in the hospital. This happened on our way home from visiting the hospital. Sweet little dears got all tuckered out.

On Sunday morning the sweet little girl created some wonderful tater heads. Here is the one she made of Poprock.

Here is Grandma, I'm not sure how she knew that is how I thought I looked. hmmm.

The evenings when it was bed time was also hold and cuddle time. Poprock is so good to help and he loves them too.
Monday morning the boy hit the ground running, he was such a little pill. He's 22 months and goes non-stop. I was getting ready to take them back up to Portland to see mom and dad. When I heard Poprock tell the boy, "I told you not to do that, now you are in trouble." Then, "Stop smiling at me." Followed by, "Wipe that smile off of your face". Then the little boy laughed. Poor Poprock.
Saturday, we took chocolate kisses up to the nurses. The little girl gave them to the nurses with a card to thank them for taking care of their mommy. She was of course absolutely adorable.
I sure do miss them when they are gone.

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