Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

In the spirit of the holidays once again I am taking the opportunity of not writing a Christmas letter. Instead Ralphie aka the little dog and her big sister Precious aka the cat will be doing the honors. I am hoping between them the spelling and punctuation will be correct.

I still have mixed feelings on Christmas letters some are amusing, others are bragging, then there are those that get you all caught up on the comings and goings of a family.

In this day of high tech it is amazing how hard it is for us to keep in touch with each other. I miss getting letters in the mail, maybe I should miss writing them and do better in that area.

Well back to the matter at hand. These two little girls have been waiting to get their paws on the computer. I hope they remember "No ordering toys", besides the fact their daddy hid the credit card from them.


Dear family and friends,

How are you? We are fine. Merry Christmas.

Mommy said if me and Precious played nice that we would get a present. If you say "me and Precious" really fast it sounds like "mean Precious". Sometimes Precious is mean, when she hides behind something and jumps out at me, it isn't nice and I have to run away from her. Then she chases me sometimes and makes a hiss noise at me and tries to hit me with her paw. That's ok cause sometimes she tries scratching mommy's really old chair and I have to run up to her and growl and bark. She doesn't like that, but it makes me happy!

Mommy got married in June. She didn't think she'd ever do that again after my first daddy died. We both miss him sometimes. My new daddy married mommy and bought us a house. There is a big yard for Precious and me to play in.

When Heather brings over the girl and boy I still like to get on mommy's lap to keep from getting chased by them. They are better now about petting me soft.

In the mornings I get to go babysit Grandma. I let her take me for walks, feed me treats and hold me. I also take naps on her bed. I give her kisses and let her rub my tummy.


Dear People,

My person (daddy) got married for the first time ever to Ralphie's mommy (dogs drool, cats rule). At first I wasn't happy about having a dog for a little sister, now it's alright, I have explained that big sisters are supposed to tease little sisters.

I enjoy the days that Ralphie gets to go babysit, I like having the house to myself. I am happy to see everyone when they come home from work though. Daddy is so good he knows to feed me first, then to fix dinner for mommy.

It's fun when the girl and boy come over to play. I run and hide. Sometimes I have to come out and see what they are doing. The girl talks nice to me, the boy looks like he wants to pull my tail. I have to tease Cory a little bit cause he's allergic to cats.

Daddy got us a huge Christmas tree. Heather and her babies decorated it for us. There is a pretty ball on the tree just the right height for me to bat at over and over, I like it.

Daddy takes care of all of us. He plays with me when I want him to, he lets me take a nap in his lap. He's a good daddy. Mommy is alright, she takes care of daddy and makes him laugh. Daddy likes her a lot, but I'm still his Precious!

Merry Christmas,


mindyg said...

I love your blog Cindy. I love your sense of humor and the way you tell people you love them. It may not seem like it sometimes but I love you and am thankful you are my friend. It was so great to see you at the Sundial Christmas dinner and thank you sssssooooooo much for playing the piano. You have talent & I'm thankful for that also. Have a great Christmas!!!

mindyg said...

I don't know how this is happening but the last comment was from me Julie Marshall and not Mindy Gerecke. Just wanted to make that clear.