Sunday, August 30, 2009

Let's Do Better

Honestly my blog was started with the best of intentions. The intention to write often. The intention to make meaningful posts or at least meaningful to me. Actually this blog is for me, if there is anyone else who is able to take something from it that is a bonus.

I would like to live my life with the intention of making each day better than the last. Better meaning that I am striving to be a better person. Now I understand that just as in my favorite quote there will be dust, cinders and jolts, the idea is to be better. We all know that some days just happen to be better than the rest.

Today at this moment I am better at writing on my blog. It's been a month, where has that month gone. I made the choice today to stay at church and play the piano for Primary, rather that go to mass with Mr. B. I have to look at this as a choice, as my comfort zone is Primary. I love being in Primary, it's easy for me to play the songs, even with mistakes made. Today was also the first day I played the organ for our new ward. Yep I made some humdinger mistakes which no one seemed or were to polite to notice. There is a part of my that wants to say "I don't want to play anymore, I want to be able to do something else" then the other part that is very content to play because I do enjoy it. So I must do better.


Alexander M K K Esquire, Jr said...

Careful careful, the road to hell AKA Tax is paved with good intentions... Remember what Yoda said, "There is no try. Do, or do not." Anyway, keep it up, the good work that is.

I wrapped up the first draft of my novel, wrote a bunch in a different novel, and started the revision process for that aforementioned first draft. Heady work, but gratifying.

Peace my sister, see you on Monday in hell, I mean Tax.

Purplepickle said...

Since I am the big sister here, maybe I can offer a little insite for you on the dilema of the music... Sometimes, it is very painful to have to sit behind the organ or the piano and have everyone else seem to move on and grow in other areas... But, speaking as one who is now out of the hidden and into the public, I think I like the hidden. Give it time, let yourself grow and relax there. You do such a great job at playing, and it allows you to grow there. Besides.... someone said to me that they had to wash many dishes so you and I could play the piano and they really wanted to play instead of us! So, enjoy the glow of knowing that you can do something that someone else can't and you can do it better and better all the time. Watch out for the bolt of lightening I might receive for saying that. Remember too that sometimes the first step is the hardest step! Keep up the good work and I love you lots. Have a good, safe trip!

Purplepickle said...

Hey when are you going to blog again? It has been a while!