Monday, July 27, 2009

"Fresh Courage Take"

After a weekend of verbally having the stuffing beat out of me it is time to re stuff, so to speak.
I must re-store, re-plenish, re-vitalize myself.


Kick back and have one heck of a pity party.

No pity parties, too much to do, wait re-phrase that, there is too much that I want to do.
Golly I have a house that I can do stuff to. Put things where I want (yes, the Mr. can change things).
I want (oops) need to be creative.
Now I must get busy!


Lark said...

So what are the "pity" Party plans? I personally like a little bit of caffeine and chocolate. (Pepsi and caramel Twix) That or Oreos and milk.

Sorry it's getting so rough lately. Wish you lots of luck!!

Purplepickle said...

Hey I favor Diet Pepsi and any chocolate I can get my hands on... Hey I had a really good one I have been eating slowly... Blommer chocolate. Hey, that was the one I got from you (hehehehe). Stay away from the ice cream route, that just isn't as much fun later!