Monday, May 21, 2012

Hospital fun and games...

A long hospital stay is not just dressing changes, summer re-runs on TV, infections and visitors; there can be fun and games.

Fun having your doctor suggest that your left leg should really be shaved or at least the hair on it braided.
Games trying not to have a muscle spasm in said left leg when someone (Penny) is brave enough to shave it for the first time in weeks (yes, weeks). Even though she knows you are on blood thinners and small cuts and knicks could potentially be really fun game.

Fun...wheel chair verus crutches races in the hall.

More fun...riding in wheelchair holding your little niece while she grins and giggles as her mommy is running while pushing the wheelchair.

Possible game putting Cindy back together again if the wheelchair tipped over. Sir Joseph would run sometimes too! shhhh I didn't say that. One day he was running and out of nowhere or somewhere came a loud thundering voice, "JOSEPH", and the wheelchair suddenly slowed down. hmmm

It was fun getting to go outside in my wheelchair, fancy gown and expertly styled hair. It was so nice to get out of my room once in awhile. Getting to go shopping at the gift shop was a fun trip too.

Fun, knowing that Reese has been known to pass out at the sight of needles. Game, having him, okay, begging him to stay in the room during a dressing change. Winner, Reese, he made it through an ER trip with one of his kids getting stitches!!!

Wad ball, it is the best hospital game ever. You get two paper towels and only one can be wet. You scrunch them up into a ball. The object is to get your wad ball into the garbage can, sink or whatever the target is. The guys would point to a spot on the ceiling above the target for me. The amazing thing is that I could sometimes make the shot.

Getting your hair washed in the hospital is fun especially when you are in bed. Bless you Ora for being so kind and washing my hair. Having clean hair can make so many other things better.

Yes, I was a total fashion statement in my fancy hospital gowns with a ponytail on top of my head in a big scrunchie.
Trust me!
No this is not a picture of me, this is my picture double, like a stunt double only better.

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Emily Nielson said...

The scrunchie! I'd forgotten about that awesome hair do ;)